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The healing properties of herbs and plants have been known to man since prehistoric times. Many ancient cultures actually documented their uses. The Bible, in fact, contains numerous references to herbal remedies.

While the image of the “witchdoctor” or medicine man or woman has been held up to ridicule during the industrial and technological age, and the medical establishment tends to frown upon “natural” healing, there is a growing tendency to return to more natural forms of therapy in order to avoid the harmful and sometimes addictive side-effects of chemical and synthetic drugs. Herbal medicine is a leading branch of what is called “alternative medicine,” and – in the ideal world – should work hand in hand with conventional medicine to conquer disease.

It is sobering to think that many tragedies involving bleeding to death, insect bites, various injuries, and so on, might have been averted had there been a basic knowledge of herbal remedies.

This book is an introduction to a few of the major herbal remedies – there are many more – so that you can become familiar with their properties, and come to realize that there are many simple ways of treating all kinds of symptoms and ailments without resorting to antibiotics and other drugs, which have so many negative side-effects. The aim of the book is to familiarize you with the endless potential of the herbs and plants that grow all around us, and to whet your appetite for a greater and more profound knowledge of the subject.

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A Handbook Of Native American Herbs

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Author by : Alma R. Hutchens
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 1992
Publisher by : Shambhala Publications

This authoritative guide—based on the author's classic reference work, Indian Herbalogy of North America —

Equine Herbs And Healing An Earth Lodge Pocket Guide To Holistic Horse Wellness

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Author by : Maya Cointreau
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2016-02-05
Publisher by : Earth Lodge via PublishDrive

This informative and beautifully illustrated barn companion teaches you how to combine and use herbs most effe

Pocket Guide To Natural Health

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Author by : Stephen Langer
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2001-01-01
Publisher by : Twin Streams

Covering more than 125 different ailments, this practical guide to family health discusses nutritional supplem

Secrets Of Native American Herbal Remedies

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Author by : Anthony J. Cichoke
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2001
Publisher by : Penguin

Describes the Native American concept of healing, which stresses the balance of mind, body, and spirit; offers

The Complete Book Of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Author by : Vasant Lad, M.A.Sc.
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2012-02-22
Publisher by : Harmony

Based on the ancient healing tradition from India that dates back thousands of years, The Complete Book of Ayu

The Herbal Apothecary

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Author by : JJ Pursell
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2016-01-27
Publisher by : Timber Press

“A brilliant addition to any library.” —Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and bestselling author More and mor

Pocket Medicinal Herbs

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Author by : Penelope Ody
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 1997-04-01
Publisher by : Dk Pub

Featuring an illustrated catalogue of the best herbs for health, a practical guide offers advice on how to gro

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